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When you learn to tandem skydive, you'll spend about 30 minutes training to be sure you understand the mechanics of sky diving in Los Angeles. After your training, you'll be fitted into a special harness and then be made ready to board the plane in preparation of your big jump. It only takes a few minutes for the jumping airplane to reach the required 14,000 feet in altitude. For a lot of people, that moment when the door to the plane opens up and they can see Los Angeles, California from this height is the most thrilling and heart-pounding experience they'll have.

With that first step and jump out of the aircraft with a skydiving trainer by your side, you'll hit velocities of 120 miles an hour as you drop. Throughout your tandem skydive in Los Angeles, the freefall you'll encounter can last approximately 60 seconds and you'll get a four to seven minute canopy ride while you make your way right into the dropzone. Once you land smoothly with a smile on your face, you'll have the opportunity to delight in what you've just accomplished. Book your skydiving adventure or give somebody you love a gift certificate for skydiving in Los Angeles.

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