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Skydiving Near Los Angeles

Here at Los Angeles skydiving, our staff of skydive specialists will help connect you with the best tandem, solo and advanced freefall skydiving experiences in the Los Angeles area! Just visualize the excitement of ascending high above the clouds in a specially-designed skydiving aircraft, climbing to heights of up to 14,000 feet!

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Tandem Skydiving in Los Angeles

Tandem Skydive

Tandem sky diving is the best introduction to this adrenaline-filled sport! Join us here at Skydiving Near Los Angeles for the most heart-pounding ways to experience the thrills and elation of complete freefall sky diving over California. It's time to board the airplane and climb up to 14,000 feet for an adventure that is personally historic!

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Skydiving Training in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Skydiving School

Want to take your skydiving adventures to a new level? Whether your goal is to be able to jump solo, or you're interested in a career as a skydiving trainer, Skydiving Near Los Angeles can help you accomplish your high-flying dreams!

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Skydiving Gifts Los Angeles

Los Angeles Skydiving Gift Cards

Awesome for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas, Skydiving Near Los Angeles Gift Vouchers can be ordered as a tandem skydiving experience, a solo course or one of the great Los Angeles Skydiving packages that we offer. Gift Cards are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase and are fully transferable so that the receiver can always re-gift it!

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Los Angeles Skydiving Videos

Los Angeles Sky Diving Videos

Document each and every moment of your tandem skydiving adventure by including a skydiving video from Los Angeles skydiving! Choose from popular skydiving video options featuring first-person perspective cameras, a fast-paced, professionally-produced soundtrack, and pre-formatted videos that you can upload to your social media sites right after your jump.

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Los Angeles is a city in California that has Multitudes and multitudes of attractions , most extremely well known and iconic, available for anyone visiting the area to partake in. There’s Universal Studios Hollywood, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and world famous Santa Monica Pier and the list goes on and on. But what if you’re the type of individual who is wanting something slightly more audacious and fearlessly orientated? Why not give us a call and come skydive over Los Angeles with us? It doesn’t matter if you're a first time skydiver or have loads of experience, we have multiple jump types and qualified staff and crew to make any skydiving dream into a reality. Give us a call today to reserve your jump time in Los Angeles with us, 661-241-0909!

Join us for the experience of a lifetime! Right here at Skydiving Near Los Angeles, our staff of skydive specialists can help you pick the best skydiving experience for you, your family and your friends. We are dedicated to delivering you with the best skydiving experiences and training courses at the best possible rates. Contact us today to transform your dreams into a reality!

As the most populous city in California, and second most populous city in the United States, Los Angeles is home to more than 3.5 million people. Los Angeles provides a unique and magnificent view from 10,000+ feet and is one of the most popular cities in the entire country for the sport of skydiving!

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Through our training program you will learn with like-minded classmates and enjoy the excitement of high-altitude jumps. Our partner drop-zones are manned by USPA certified instructors who use state-of-the art gear, including an AAD system, to guarantee the safety of every skydiver.

As reported by the FAA, there are over 500 aircraft actively used all throughout the country. The Beechcraft twin engine and Cessna 208 Caravan are two common models used. Many dropzones use a Cessna 182 model for a smaller, more personalized atmosphere. Because we utilize only superior aircraft that is approved by the FAA, our planes must go through a yearly inspection. In addition, our pilots regularly examine and service their planes as a part of their own strict safety standards. You can feel confident that your dive will be both thrilling and enjoyable and accommodating of nationwide safety regulations.

Should I try Tandem Skydiving or Accelerated Freefall?

Our skydiving centers feature accelerated freefall and tandem skydiving. Tandem Skydiving and an AFF are two diverse things and as such there is quite a disparity between them in regards to experience, equipment and training.

Tandem skydiving requires the participant to go through a brief 15-20 minute training session addressing basic body movements and signaling to prep you for the flight. Additionally, you will be harnessed to a professional tandem trainer to make sure your skydive is risk-free and entertaining.

AFF jumps need a lot more training; you will skydive solo, bordered by two qualified instructors who will help you if you need it. The AFF course contains 7-levels. Through this course you will learn to control your body movements in the air, turn in a circle and track to prepare for your first solo jump. The final step in the training course is the solo jump with an audience, as you'll be examined by your instructor to see if you can execute what you've learned. If you pass this final test to the satisfaction of your trainers, you've succeeded and can now call yourself a professional skydiver!

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